Managing Change

Changes in education
If it is true that the only constant nowadays is change, then nowhere is that more true than in the world of education. From the macro level of national policies and government intervention right down to the micro level of what goes on day-to-day in school classrooms, there is continuous change – some of it evolutionary and some of it revolutionary.

Every planned change is in its own way a project and every project needs people who can carefully steer it to a successful conclusion. Sometimes schools and organisations need to look outside of themselves to find the right people with the right kind of experience and skills to support them in those projects. That’s where EDPRO comes in.

Projects for change
Across the country there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of educational ‘projects’ being undertaken. Some like Building Schools for the Future are £100+ million, whilst others are much more small scale although they may be just as crucial to the success (and sometimes survival) of individual schools. Often these projects are a labyrinth of red tape, sometimes controversial and opposed, rarely straightforward and often lack experienced management.

Whether you are a local authority, an Academy sponsor, a PLC delivering education services or an individual headteacher or governing body, you want people steering your project or advising you who know what they are doing, who can be trusted, who communicate well, who don’t panic and who do not charge the earth just for turning up and asking a few questions. You want people who have been there, who are tried and tested and who have not been found wanting.

That’s why you should look to EDPRO and Tom Peryer, its founder and Managing Director.